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Tier Location Type Project Title
1ahsoobsOn-campus telescope observation: C8 telescope
1ahsoobsJovian Planet Observation
1ahsoobsOn-campus telescope observation: Detroit Observatory
1ahsoobsJupiter observation
1homeobsObserve a satellite
1ahpplanAngell Hall Planetarium Open House
1darkobsNaked eye non-stellar objects
1ahsophotoMoon pictures
1homeobsShort Duration Events or Temporary Features
1darkobsMilky Way
1ahpplanPlanetarium proj 5: Motion over several months
1ahpplanPlanetarium proj 3: Comparing Ann Arbor and Galileo's home
1ahpplanPlanetarium proj 4: Motion over several days
1ahpplanPlanetarium proj 2: Comparing Ann Arbor and Magellan
1ahpplanPlanetarium proj 1: Motions of the sky in Ann Arbor
1ahsoobsOn-campus telescope observation: other telescope
1ahsoobsOn-campus telescope observation: 0.4-m telescope
2homeobsPlanned Observation
2homephotoTake an Image With a Remote Telescope
2homeobsLength of a Sidereal Year
2homeobsLength of a Sidereal Day
2homeobsObserve 2 or more satellite passes
2ahsoobsComparing two telescopes
2ahsoobsObserve a solar transit
2homeobsObserve an eclipse
2visitplanAttend a planetarium show
2homeobsParticipate in Globe at Night
2visitotherMuseum, Event, Tour, (Admission or Ticket Required)
2visitotherpublic event
2visitobsOff-campus telescope observation
2homeobsobserver's notebook
2ahclcompSeasonal Changes
2ahclcompMotions of moons from Earth, Mars, and Jupiter
2ahclcompVisibility of planets
2ahclcompMotions of Sun and Moon
2ahclcompThe sky elsewhere
2ahclcompLong-term planetary motion
2homeobsStellar motions
2homeobsMoon observations
2homeobsStar, Constellation, or Sun Position
2ahsophotoconstellation or star trails without a telescope
2ahsophotoPhotography through a telescope
2homeobsPlanet motions vs stars vs moon
2homeobsLunar path, phases, surface features
2ahclcompChanges in the sky with location on Earth