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Tier Location Type Project Title
1ahsoobsOn-campus telescope observation: Detroit Observatory
1ahsoobsJupiter observation
1homeobsObserve a satellite
1ahpplanAngell Hall Planetarium Open House
1darkobsNaked eye non-stellar objects
1ahsophotoMoon pictures
1ahsoobsJovian Planet Observation
1homeobsShort Duration Events or Temporary Features
1darkobsMilky Way
1ahpplanPlanetarium proj 1: Motions of the sky in Ann Arbor
1ahpplanPlanetarium proj 2: Comparing Ann Arbor and Magellan
1ahpplanPlanetarium proj 3: Comparing Ann Arbor and Galileo's home
1ahpplanPlanetarium proj 4: Motion over several days
1ahsoobsOn-campus telescope observation: other telescope
1ahpplanPlanetarium proj 5: Motion over several months
1ahsoobsOn-campus telescope observation: C8 telescope
1ahsoobsOn-campus telescope observation: 0.4-m telescope
2ahsophotoPhotography through a telescope
2visitobsOff-campus telescope observation
2visitotherpublic event
2visitotherMuseum, Event, Tour, (Admission or Ticket Required)
2homeobsParticipate in Globe at Night
2visitplanAttend a planetarium show
2ahsoobsComparing two telescopes
2homeobsObserve an eclipse
2ahsoobsObserve a solar transit
2homeobsPlanned Observation
2homephotoTake an Image With a Remote Telescope
2homeobsObserve 2 or more satellite passes
2homeobsLength of a Sidereal Day
2homeobsLength of a Sidereal Year
2ahclcompChanges in the sky with location on Earth
2ahclcompSeasonal Changes
2ahclcompMotions of moons from Earth, Mars, and Jupiter
2ahclcompVisibility of planets
2ahclcompMotions of Sun and Moon
2ahclcompThe sky elsewhere
2homeobsStellar motions
2homeobsobserver's notebook
2homeobsMoon observations
2homeobsStar, Constellation, or Sun Position
2ahsophotoconstellation or star trails without a telescope
2homeobsPlanet motions vs stars vs moon
2homeobsLunar path, phases, surface features
2ahclcompLong-term planetary motion