Project Description

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Project: Planned Observation

Tier: 2

Location: home

Other information, requirements, or equipment you must supply (may be blank):

Plan and carry out an observation. The observation can be anything astronomical, such as observing an algol minima, a star in a special position, a transit of a Moon of Jupiter, an eclipse, or nearly anything else as long as you can make plans for it in advance.

What to turn in:

  1. 1 page (150 - 300 words) on how you decided what to observe, where you got the information to make your plans, and what the plans actually are (this page should be written before the observation is made.) Be sure to include things like where you can go to do the observation, and where to look. This part should be detailed and clear enough that you could give it to a friend who isn't in an astronomy class, and they would be able to do the observation.
  2. 1 page describing the observation. This should include details about the observing location and conditions, details about any equipment used, and a description and sketch of the observation. It should be done while you are making the observation.
  3. Finally, include 1 paragraph of how successful your planning was. This should include comments about whether or not the event occurred at the correct time and (if appropriate) if you were looking in the right area of the sky, whether or not your observing location was as good as you thought it would be.

Note this activity could receive partial credit if the plans are good, but the observation is clouded out. Check with your GSI for guidance on what fraction of the score will be based on the observation itself.