Project Description

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Project: Take an Image With a Remote Telescope

Tier: 2

Location: home

Other information, requirements, or equipment you must supply (may be blank): Requires image processing software, maybe available from observatory

Use a publicly available telescope like micro-observatory to capture and process an image.

Start with a paragraph explaining how you chose your object and settings (e.g. exposure time) that you used. Include a link to the unprocessed image(s) (make sure they are viewable by your GSI, and that they will be available through the end of the semester). Finally, write a description of what you did to process the image (e.g. changing the brightness, applying a flat field, aligning 3 B&W images and applying filters to get a color image...), and of course include a copy of your final image. Check with your GSI on what format s/he wants the image in.

Note Micro Observatory offers free image processing software designed to easily process their images. Other internet observatories may or may not offer that. You can also use software like photoshop.