Project Description

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Project: Photography through a telescope

Tier: 2

Location: ahso

Other information, requirements, or equipment you must supply (may be blank): camera w/ manual exposure and adapter for telescope.

Take a picture of something other than the Moon through a telescope. Take several different exposures of the same thing to determine the best exposure. Note all the pertinent information like exposure, f-stop, telescope information, etc. Turn in a list of images with the exposure, f-stop, ISO etc and at least 4 images. Also, include a paragraph or so on which image was the best one, and which settings were the best.

Note this requires a camera that can connect to a telescope. The department does not have cameras, but students might check with Instructional Support Services loan office.

The C8s at Angell Hall may be available for this, HOWEVER, availability is dependent on the number of people needing to use the 'scopes and the number of GSIs to run them. Do not try this at the end of the term, or at a public event like the SAS open houses.

There is an eyepiece projection adapter available from your GSI. It requires a standard, 1/4-20 tripod mount point, and cameras must weigh less than 8 oz to use this adapter. Students with heavier cameras must also supply their own T-ring adapter for a 1.25" visual back.