Project Description

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Project: Star, Constellation, or Sun Position

Tier: 2

Location: home

Other information, requirements, or equipment you must supply (may be blank): Blank Notebook Form (pdf)

Do at least 4 observations separated by 2 weeks minimum from the same location and at the same time of night. Note the time, location, and the dates of all four observations on a sheet of paper (you may want to use the observer's notbook blank). On the back, sketch the horizon with major landmarks and sketch an outline of the object in the correct position at all four observations. At the end, write half a page about the difference in position of the object. The GSI must clear the object before you begin to make sure it will be visible (e.g. Sagittarius is visible in Sept, but not Nov, the Sun is out at 8:30 in Sept but not Nov)