Project Description

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Project: Short Duration Events or Temporary Features

Tier: 1

Location: home

Other information, requirements, or equipment you must supply (may be blank):

Observe and describe a transient feature, such as aurora, a comet,a jovian moon transit, a variable star or eclipsing binary.

Record your observations including a full description of what you observe, time of observation, your location and the direction you are observing, and anything else pertinent to your observation (e.g. if you have to use a telescope, what type, aperture, etc). For things such as comets or variable stars you may need to include a star chart with the object's location marked, and estimates of its magnitude or apparent brightness.

Check sites such a, Astronomy magazine, Sky & Telescope, or the Michigan Astronomy twitter or Facebook feeds for special events. Planetarium software like Starry Night or Sky & Telescope can tell you about Jovian transits and Algol minima (Algol is the quintessential eclipsing binary.)

NOTE if you plan the observation in advance you can get tier 2 credit by doing project 46 This may be repeated for credit by observing a different object or event.