Project Description

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Project: Motions of moons from Earth, Mars, and Jupiter

Tier: 2

Location: ahcl

Other information, requirements, or equipment you must supply (may be blank): Starry Night or other planetarium software required

Observe the motion of moons from Earth, Mars (two moons, one of which has an orbital period SHORTER than the Martian day), and Jupiter (do the four jovian moons). Record the sidereal period for each moon, how long the moon takes to go through a full cycle of phses and the angle through which it travels in 6 hours. Note the direction the moon appears to travel through the sky, and the direction it appears to travel with respect to the stars. Note whether or not each moon can cause a total solar eclipse or go through a total lunar eclipse. If there is anything else unusual about the appearance of the moon, not that as well.
Write a paragraph or two summarizing the similarities and differences between the Martian and Jovian satellites and our own moon.