Project Description

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Project: Eclipses

Tier: 2

Location: ahcl

Other information, requirements, or equipment you must supply (may be blank): Starry Night or other planetarium software required

Observe and describe eclipse phenomena. Where on Earth do you have to be to observe a solar or lunar eclipse? How often do eclipses occur? What accounts for the differences in eclipses (partial vs total or annular - can you have an annular lunar eclipse?) What are the phases of moon at times of eclipses? What is the Saros cycles (advanced - check with your instructor).
This should be written up like a paper, not like a homework (do not simply answer the questions). Use specific dates, times and observing locations to explain how eclipses work. Remember, your observing location is not restricted to Earth: for example you can set your observing location to 1 AU above Earth's north pole, or 10 AU from the Sun. You can also use the guide lines like the orbit or the ecliptic, but make sure to explicitly state what to turn on or off in order to make the same observations you make.