Project Description

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Project: Changes in the sky with location on Earth

Tier: 2

Location: ahcl

Other information, requirements, or equipment you must supply (may be blank): Starry Night or other planetarium software required

Set the UT date and time to observe (if your software doesn't allow the use of UT you will have to figure out the local time at each observing location), and select one constellation to observe. Record them at the beginning of your write up. You will need to record the following at the locations described below:

  1. UT time of sunrise and sunset,
  2. length of day,
  3. maximum elevation of the Sun,
  4. maximum elevation of your chosen constellation,
  5. the UT time that constellation is at its highest, and
  6. the constellation that is at zenith at chosen time.

Different longitudes: Select a latitude to observe from and record it in your write-up. Create a table with 6 different longitudes and the 6 things you have to record. Make each of the observations, making sure not to change your latitude and always go back to the same date and UT time when you move to a new longitude. If something can't be observed for your chosen date at a location, record it as not observable. You may want to make a note about why you can't observe it (e.g. if the constellation is above the horizon but out during daylight)

Different Latitudes: Choose a single longitude to observe from and record it in your write up. Create another table with 6 different latitudes. Be sure to include at least one of the poles and the equator. Record your observations, similar to the longitude table.

Summarize your findings in one or 2 paragraphs, describing how different locations on Earth lead to differences in observations.