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updated: 04/19/2000

Constellations To Know



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Stars to Know


Ursa Major (The Big Dipper) The Great Bear Pointer Stars
Ursa Minor (The Little Dipper) The Little Bear Polaris
Cassiopeia The Queen  
Cepheus The King  
Draco The Dragon  


Orion The Hunter Betelgeuse, Rigel
Canis Major The Great Dog Sirius
Canis Minor The Little Dog Procyon
Gemini The Twins Castor, Pollux
Auriga The Goatherder Capella
Taurus The Bull Aldebaran, Pleiades


Bo÷tes The Herdsman Arcturus
Corona Borealis The Northern Crown  
Virgo The Virgin Spica
Leo The Lion Regulus


Lyra The Lyre (Harp) Vega, Summer Triangle
Cygnus The Swan Deneb
Aquila The Eagle Altair
Delphinus The Dolphin  
Sagittarius The Archer  
Scorpius The Scorpion Antares


Pegasus The Flying Horse Square of Pegasus
Andromeda The Princess  
Perseus The Hero  Algol


Centaurus The Centaur Alpha Centauri/ Rige Kentarus
Crux Southern Cross  
Carina The Keel or Argo Canopus
Vela The Sail of Argo  
    Large Magellanic Cloud
    Small Magellanic Cloud