Planetary Missions

In this lab you will pick a NASA mission, investigate it using the web, and then make a short (about five minute) presentation on what you and your group found. Don't panic about the presentation - it will be less a presentation than a group discussion, as everyone else should have questions for you (and you should have questions for other people).

So, here's the drill. We'll pick projects and groups in class, and then you'll have about an hour to find information. If you want to look up a mission before class, that's great - but be aware that not everyone can report on Mars Pathfinder. After you investigate, we make our short group presentations. The only thing you have to write for this lab is a conclusion - what you learned from your and other people's presentations.

There are many planetary missions to find out about, and particularly there are many modern missions which have found interesting results in the recent past. These are the ones we will try to focus on. You should try to keep your presentation to the information that you would think was interesting if you were hearing it from somebody else. Things to look at are the results from the mission, history/problems with it, and what might happen in the future (if it's still ongoing). Unique features of your particular mission are particularly interesting (special method of getting to target, special power source ...).

Try just doing a search under your mission name first of all: you should come up with several sites related to NASA or JPL or Goddard. These are the places you should investigate first. Good luck!