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Evolutionary Biology Scavenger Hunt at the Museum of Natural History

Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution

--Theodosius Dobzhansky



This scavenger hunt is a derivative work of one designed by the University of Michigan Museum of Natural History, 1109 Geddes Avenue • Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1079 It is meant to be done in the second floor galleries.

  1. Look at the displays to the right as you enter. What is grypania spiralis? ______________________________
  2. Enter the exhibit room, "Life Through the Ages". In the table below, list the different ages and how long ago those ages occurred. A few of the table entries have been filled out for you
    Table 1: Ages and how long ago they occurred
    Age MYears Ago   Age M Years Ago
    Precambrian >600     310
    Cambrian 600   Permian 275
      405   Cretaceous  
  3. Moving clockwise through "Life Through the Ages", look in the display cases and read the information next to them.
  4. Return to the main gallery. Begin with the invertebrate display cases. (these are marked with a "C" )
  5. Move on to the fish cases marked "D".
  6. Move on to the amphibians, cases marked "E".
  7. Move on to reptiles, cases marked "F".
  8. Find the dinosaur hip and leg bones in the corner, and the display cases labeled H.
  9. Move on to birds, cases marked "I".
  10. Move on to mammals, cases marked "G3-4".
  11. Move on to primates and hominids in the cases marked "K 1-3".

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