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Observing a Planet in Daylight

(An Addition to the Solar Observing activity)

Do not look at the Sun through any telescope, including the finder 'scopes, unless there is a filter on it. Permanent eye damage can be almost instantaneous!

While you are observing the Sun, it may also be possible to observe another object. A few of the brightest stars and planets are visible through the 0.4-m telescope during daylight. As long as the object is a safe distance from the Sun, your GSI can point the telescope at it.

Record the name of the object and what it is here:

  1. What do you see? Describe it in words and do a sketch below.
    space for sketch
  2. Is there anything surprising about the object? What, and why is is surprising (or if there isn't anything surprising, explain why it matches your expectations)?

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