Solar Observing Alternative Images

In the event of a quescent Sun, or if the Sun-Earth viewer is unavailable, use the images below to complete the lab. You may have to follow the links to get informatin about the images, or instructions on how to interpret them.

white light imageWhite Light image (Michelson Doppler imager) from SOHO.
Match 27 2008


h-alpha image H-alpha image from Kanzelhöhe.
March 26 2008


magnetogramMDI magnetogram from SOHO.
March 27 2008


UV images from SOHO. All were taken on March 27 2008
UV 171 angstrom imageUV 195 angstrom imageUV 284 angstrom image

Coronograph images from SOHO., taken on March 27 2008. The white circle in the middle of the disk marks the size and location of the disk of the Sun.large disk coronographwider field coronograph


graph of 3-day x-ray fluxGraph of 3 day x-ray flux from GOES.


Auroral OvalAuroral oval on March 27, 2008 from NASA POES and the Spaceweather prediction center


created: 3/27/08 by SAM based on images in the Sun Earth Media Viewer

Copyright Regents of the University of Michigan.