Printing a Star Chart from Starry Night

 Using the pre-defined print settings

Open a new document

Set the date and time for the date and time you want

Change you view to face zenith

Change the Zoom to 180º

Choose File > Print

This should print a star chart with major items labeled, 4th magnitude and brighter stars, Messier Objects, planets and astronomical stick figures.


If it does not have the appearance you want:

Go to Options > Presets > Print Settings.

Change the settings of the objects to show you what you want to see.  For example, you may limit the stars to magnitude 4 and brighter and turn off all deep sky objects if you’re going to do naked eye observing in the city.  You may want constellation stick figures and labels turned off.  Illustrations don’t print well and may not print at all on some printers.  “Show all Labels” is not recommended since you can’t see any of the objects with all the labels on.

When it looks the way you want it to look, go to File > Print.