MDM Observing Preparation Form

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The following form needs to be filled out and submitted at least two weeks prior to the start of your observing run. Please enter your name, phone number, and full email address (name@somewhere). Then select options in the appropriate boxes showing a '?'.

When complete, click on the Submit button at the bottom of the page. A text version of the completed form will be sent to MDM and to the email address specified below.

Principal Investigator:
It is the PI's responsibility for all aspects of the run, including the submission of this form and ensuring that all observers are trained and competent to use the telescope and equipment.
Phone number: Email:

Observer: Will PI be observing? Yes No
If not, name of observer:
Has the observer used the telescope before? the instrument?
Mode of transport to MDM: Arrival time on mountain:
Observers normally arrive on the first day of their run. If you wish to come earlier, you will need the previous observer's permission. Please note this in the Special Requests box below.
Number of other observers:
Emergency contact and phone number:
If something happens to the observer, whom do we call?

Dates: starting date: Last night of observing: Check the telescope schedule.(if unavailable, click here for mirrored schedule)
CCD detector:
Instrument Select one of the following:
Direct Imaging
8K camera
The 8kx8k imaging camera can be used on either telescope. It has its own filter wheel, filters, and guide/acquisition module.
TIFKAM IR camera
4K camera
R4K camera

(Note the 4K and R4K cameras can be used either with OSMOS or direct.)

Modular Spectrograph
mode: central wavelength: Angstroms
camera: grating:
order separating filter: grism:
OSU CCD Spectrograph.
MkIII spectrograph
There are two MkIII spectrographs: the MkIIIa for use on the 1.3-m, and the MkIIIb (a red spectrograph) for use on the 2.4-m.
mode: central wavelength: Angstroms
camera: grism:
The Ohio State MultiObject Spectrograph can only be used at the 2.4m, in conjunction with the 4 inch U,B,V,R,I filters.
Visitor Instrument
Is this the first use of this instrument at MDM?

Special Requests:

Please review the above information carefully. When all is correct, click on the Submit button to send the information to MDM.

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