Viewing Nights at the Detroit Observatory

The Detroit Observatory in winter

Viewing Nights are a collaboration between the Bentley Historical Library, the Department of Astronomy, and our wonderful volunteers. We also depend heavily on good weather, so please check the events below to make sure we'll be able to open up. Parking can be a real challenge in this area. Check out the parking and directions on the Bentley site:

We're always looking for more help. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact Shannon Murphy or join the Detroit Observatory Operators CTools site (a uniqname or freind account is required.)

Upcoming Events

All events are weather dependent: it must be reasonably clear, with NO precipitation, above 40º F and under 90ºF and 80% humidity. We also need enough people to run the telescope safely. Event titles are updated a few hours before each event with the status (on or cancelled). PLEASE check it before coming out.

Other Ways to get updates:


1398 E Ann St.

Steps lead up the hill from Ann, or the sidewalk leads up from Observatory st.