The Joy of Supermongo

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Supermongo (or SM) is a very powerful analysis and plotting package. Plus, it has a pretty nifty icon. There is a printed manual to SM, but it states, "SM is still evolving slowly, and this documentation may not be true, helpful, or complete."

Hopefully this page will be a little more useful. Combined with the manual and the help files, it should make SM relatively painless. If you catch any mistakes on this page, please email me and let me know.

Getting Started

Basics of Analysis and Plotting

Formatting Plots

Printing Plots and the Device Tool

The device tool is used to switch from the graph window and create postscript files and gifs. Writing your commands in macros makes this infinitely easier; I'll get to that further below.

Macros, Making them from Outside SM, and Using Them

Macros are simply a list of all the commands you want SM to perform. The macro file should have a '.sm' extension.


Histograms are a pretty handy way of looking at the distribution of your data, but unfortunately they are fairly confusing in SM, and not just because you end up using the histogram command twice. The simplest way is to do an example: Let's say that we're curious about the distribution of the number of goals that Michigan allows per game, because Montoya's either on or off, so we suspect that it might be bimodal. The macro is here, and I'll go through it step by step:

And I'll be damned! We always joked it was a bimodal distribution, but it kind of is! And we have proof! Aw, shit, now I'll have to do this again at the end of this season . . .

Programming and Syntax

The if seems to be the most useful. It is most often used when creating a vector, plotting data, or doing something else.
You can also use do loops, and they're pretty simple. See the help file.


I found a macro I wrote for an assigment that uses many of the commands explained in this page. The macro was used to plot rotation velocities or something, I don't know what. (This is why you should always comment what you do!) The data is from the rotation curve of a galaxy, and I plotted various things.

Function Fitting

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Created by Rebecca Stanek, 2001.
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