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What happens when a crackpot with little to no advanced science eduation (or in the more embarrassing cases, with some degree) decides that all of modern science is (choose one or more: immoral, materialistic, seductive, trashy, corrupt, evil, ungodly, narrow-minded, sinful, wicked, or just plain wrong)? Well, normally he's ignored (except in Kansas, where he's elected to the State Board of Education), and nervously giggled at. But now he can put up a web page to spread his word around the world, and get people to buy his poorly-written self-published books. If you've ever taken any science class at the college level, you should be able to refute most of the claims made by these people. (And if you paid attention in middle school and high school, you should know that many of these people also conveniently bypass the scientific method.)

Note: Please do not email me about the content of these pages. I don't agree with them, which should be obvious since I titled my page "Pseudoscience and Other Wackos." However, if you find any pages which you feel are worthy to be on this list, please email me at

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