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  • Fernandes, C. A. C., Dupke, R. A. , & Proctor, R. N. 2017, MNRAS Submitted;
    "Chemical abundance of X-ray bubbles/cavities in galaxy cluster A2597"

  • Cibirka, N., Cypriano, E. S., Brimioulle, F., Gruen, D., Erben, T., van Waerbeke, L., Miller, L., Finoguenov, A., Kirkpatrick, C. & Patrick Henry, J., Rykoff, E., Rozo, E.,Dupke, R. A. , Kneib, J-P, Shan, H. & Spinelli, P. 2017, MNRAS, In Press;
    "CODEX Weak Lensing sample: Mass, concentration and off-centering for clusters at z ~ 0.5"

  • Monteiro-Oliveira, R., Cypriano, E. S., Machado, R. E., Lima-Neto, G. B., Ribeiro, A. L., Sodre, L., Dupke, R. A. , 2017, MNRAS, 466, 2614;
    "The merger history of the complex cluster Abell 1758: a combined weak lensing and spectroscopic view"

  • Nascimento, R. S., Ribeiro, A. L. B., Trevisan, M., Carrasco, E. R., Plana, H., Dupke, R. A. , 2016, MNRAS, 460, 2193;
    "Dynamical analysis of the cluster pair: A3407 + A3408"

  • Dacheng, Lin, Carrasco, E. R., Webb, N., Irwin, J., Dupke, R. A. , et al. 2016, ApJ, 821, 25;
    "Discovery of the Candidate Off-Nuclear Ultrasoft Hyperluminous X-ray Source 3XMM J141711.1+522541"

  • Jimenez-Teja ,Y., & Dupke, R. A. , 2016, ApJ, 820, 49;
    "Disentangling the ICL with the CHEFS: ABELL 2744 as a case study"

  • Ascaso, B,, Benitez, N., Dupke, R. A. , et al., 2016 MNRAS 456, 4291;
    "An accurate cluster selection function for the J-PAS narrow-band wide-field survey"

  • Medezinski, E., Umetsu, K. Okabe, N., Nonino, M., Molnar, S., Massey, R., Dupke, R. A. , & Merten, J., 2016 ApJ 817, 24;
    "Frontier Fields: Subaru Weak-Lensing Analysis of the Merging Galaxy Cluster A2744"

  • Irwin, J., Dupke, R. A. , Carrasco, E., Maksym, W. P., Johnson, L. & White III, R. 2015, ApJ 806, 268;
    "The Cheshire Cat Gravitational Lens: The Formation of a Massive Fossil Group"

  • Ascaso, B,, Benitez, N., Fernandez-Soto, N. A., Arnalte-Mur, P., Lopez-Sanjuan, C., Molino A. , Schoenell, W., Jimenez-Teja ,Y., Merso, A. I., Huertas-Company,M., Diaz-Garcia, L. A. Martinez,V. J., Cenarro,A. J. Dupke, R. A. , et al. 2015, MNRAS 452, 549;
    "Galaxy clusters and groups in the ALHAMBRA survey"

  • Proctor, Robert N.; Mendes de Oliveira, Claudia; Azanha, Luiz; Dupke, R. A. & Overzier, Roderik 2014, MNRAS 449, 2345;
    "A derivation of masses and total luminosities of galaxy groups and clusters in the maxBCG catalogue"

  • Maksym, W. P., Ulmer, M. P., Roth, K. C., Irwin, J. A., Dupke, R. A. , Ho, L. C., Keel, W. C.& Adami, C. 2014, MNRAS 444, 866;
    "Deep spectroscopy of the MV ~ -14.8 host galaxy of a tidal disruption flare in A1795"

  • Benitez, N., Dupke, R. A. , Moles, M., Sodre, L.; Cenarro, J., Marin-Franch, A., Taylor, K.; Cristobal, D., Fernandez-Soto, A., Mendes de Oliveira, C., Cepa-Nogue, J., et al. 2014, 2014arXiv1403.5237B;
    "J-PAS: The Javalambre-Physics of the Accelerating Universe Astrophysical Survey"

  • Zandivarez, A., Diaz-Gimenez, E., Mendes de Oliveira, C., Ascaso, B., Benitez, N., Dupke, R. A. , Sodre, L. & Irwin, J. 2014, A&A, 561, 71;
    "Assessing the reliability of friends-of-friends groups on the future Javalambre Physics of the Accelerating Universe Astrophysical Survey"

  • Taylor, K., Marin-Franch, A., Laporte, R., Santoro, F. G., Marrara, L., Cepa, J., Cenarro, A. J., Chueca, S., Cristobal-Hornillos, D., Ederoclite, A., Gruel, N., Moles, M., Rueda, F., Rueda, S., Varela, J., Yanes, A., Benitez, N., Dupke, R.A. , Fernandez-Soto, A.; Jorden, P., Lousberg, G., Molino Benito, A., Palmer, I., Mendes de Oliveira, C. & Sodre, L. , 2014, Journal of Astronomical Instrumentation, 3, N1;

  • Roediger, E., Lovisari, L., Dupke, R.A. , Ghizzardi, S., Bruggen, M., Kraft, R. P.,, & Machacek, M. E., 2012, MNRAS, 420, 3632;
    "Gas sloshing, cold fronts, Kelvin-Helmholtz instabilities and the merger history of the cluster of galaxies Abell 496"

  • Miller, E., Rykoff, E., Dupke, R.A. , Mendes de Oliveira, C., Lopes de Oliveira, R., Proctor, R., Koester, B., McKay, T., & Garmire, G., 2012, ApJ, 747, 94;
    "Finding Fossil Groups: Optical Indentification and X-ray Confirmation"

  • Proctor, R., Mendes de Oliveira, C., Dupke, R.A. , Lopes de Oliveira, R., Cypriano, E., Miller, E. & Rykoff, E., 2011, MNRAS, 418, 2054;
    "On the mass-to-light ratios of fossil groups: Are they simply dark clusters?"

  • Merten, J., Coe, D.,Dupke, R.A. , Massey, R., Zitrin, A.,Cypriano, E., Okabe, N., Frye, B., Braglia, F., Jimenez-Teja, Y., Benitez, N., Broadhurst, T., Rhodes, J., Meneghetti, M., Moustakas, L., Sodre, L., Krick, J., Bregman, J. N., & Bernstein, R., 2011, MNRAS, 417, 333;
    "Creation of cosmic structure in the complex galaxy cluster merger Abell 2744"

  • Dupke, R.A. , Nyland, K. & Bregman, J. N., 2011, ApJ, In Preparation;
    "Dynamics of the Intergalactic Gas of the Galaxy Cluster RX J0419.6+0225"

  • Dupke, R.A. , Westera, P., Mendes de Oliveira, C. & Sodre, L., 2012, A&A, to be Submitted;
    "Constraints on Formation Mechanisms and Ages of Fossil Groups - A Chandra Analysis"

  • Lagana, T., Dupke, R.A. , Sodre, L., Lima Neto, G. & Durret, F., 2009, MNRAS 394, 375;
    "The optical/X-ray connection: intra-cluster medium iron content and galaxy optical luminosity in 20 galaxy clusters" ; also arXiv:07811.3936

  • Mendes de Oliveira, C., Cypriano, E., Dupke, R.A. , & Sodre, L. 2008, AJ, 138, 502;
    "An Optical and X-Ray Study of the Fossil Group RX J1340.6+4018"

  • Dupke, R.A. , White, R.E. III, & Bregman, J. N., 2007, ApJ, 671, 181 ; also arXiv:0707.4001
    "Different Methods of Forming Cold Fronts in Non-Merging Clusters"

  • Dupke, R.A. , Mirabal, N., Bregman, J. N., & Evrard, A. E., 2007, ApJ, 668, 781; also arXiv:0706.1073
    "The Merger in Abell 576: A line of Sight "Bullet" Cluster?"

  • Dupke, R.A. & Bregman, J. N., 2006, ApJ, 639, 781; also astro-ph/0512045
    "Direct Measurements of Gas Bulk Flows in the ICM of the Centaurus Cluster: A Chandra Analysis"

  • Dupke, R.A. & Bregman, J. N., 2005, ApJS, 161, 224; also astro-ph/0506360
    "Constraints on Intracluster Gas Bulk Motions in Clusters of Galaxies with ASCA"

  • Pawl, A., Evrard, A. & Dupke, R.A. 2005, ApJ, 631, 773; also astro-ph/0503281
    "Detecting Intracluster Gas Motion in Galaxy Clusters: Mock Astro-E2 Observations"; also astro-ph/0503281

  • Bregman, J. N., Dupke, R.A. & Miller, E. D. 2004, ApJ, 614, 31 ; also astro-ph/0407365
    "Cosmic Filaments in Superclusters"

  • Dupke, R.A. & White, R.E. III. 2003, ApJ, 583, L13; also astro-ph/0212332
    "Chandra Analysis of Abell 496 - No Chemical Gradients Across Cold Fronts"

  • Dupke, R.A. & Bregman, J. N. 2002, ApJ, 575, 634; also astro-ph/0204022
    "Prospects for Detection of Intracluster Gas Bulk Velocities Through the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect"

  • Dupke, R.A. & Bregman, J. N. 2001, ApJ, 562, 266; also astro-ph/0106030
    "Detection of Bulk Motions in the ICM of the Centaurus Cluster"

  • Dupke, R.A. &  Arnaud, K. A. 2001,  ApJ, 548, 141; also astro-ph/0010054
    "Central Elemental Abundance Ratios in the Perseus Cluster: Resonant Scattering or SN Ia Enrichment?"

  • Dupke, R. A. & Bregman, J. N. 2001, ApJ, 547, 705; also astro-ph/0009429
    "Velocity Gradients in the Intracluster Gas of  the Perseus Cluster"

  • Dupke, R.A. & White, R.E. III, 2000, ApJ, 537, 123;   also  astro-ph/9902112
    "Metallicity Gradients in the Intracluster Gas of Abell 496"

  • Dupke, R.A. & White, R.E. III, 2000, ApJ, 528, 139; also  astro-ph/9907343
    "Constraints on Type Ia Supernova Models from X-ray Spectra of Galaxy Clusters"

  • Byrd, G. & Dupke, R.A. 1997,Teacher's Newsletter, The Universe in a Classroom, 39, p.3. Also in 1998 Teaching Earth Sciences, Vol. 3, p. 48.
    "Pinhole Protractor"

  • Dupke, R.A., Sazhin, M.V. & Sudarikov, A.L. 1995, Astronomy & Astrophys. Trans. 6, p.175-180.
    "Axion Decay and the Background Radiation"
  • Dupke, R.A. 1993, Astron. Tsirk. N1554, p. 1.
    "Physical Characteristics of Cosmic String Candidate a = 2h 49m, d = 18° 25' "

  • Benitez, N., Dupke, R.A., & Sazhin, M.V. 1993, ApSS 200:97-105.
    "Contribution of the Tully groups to the soft X-ray background"

  • Dupke, R.A. 1992, Inf. Bull. Variable Stars No 3749.
    "V 2101 Oph is not a Cataclysmic Variable"

  • Dupke, R.A. & Sazhin, M.V. 1991, Astron. Tsirk. N1550, p.5.
    "Could the Hidden Mass be in the Form of a 'Cold' Ionized Cloud?"

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