Philip A. Hughes
Astronomy Department
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor
MI 48109-1107
Tel: 734-615-6108
FAX: 734-763-6317

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Work In Progress:

Relativistic Flows

Wavelet Analysis

Past Meetings:

19th Midwest Relativity Meeting

Relativistic Jets Conference

Department Newsletter:


For all courses, access the course sites on Ctools. New course Winter 2011:

Software -- Research

A simple calculator for relativistic effects: PRC

Software -- Teaching

Comments on A Radiation Lab and Demo from anyone interested in using computers in education will be welcome.

Note also the CLEA project, and Astronomy Educational Resources which is maintained by Andrew Fraknoi.

Check out Ben Gilliland's superb Space Science & Astronomy Metro paper articles at

Radio Astronomy Observatory

Radio Astronomy Database

Up And Down

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