The Globular Clusters - Dwarf Galaxies Connection

August 27 - 29, 2007

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Workshop organized by The Michigan Center for Theoretical Physics
and Department of Astronomy, University of Michigan

globular cluster Omega Centauri Milky Way with its globular clusters new Milky Way dwarf satellites
Globular cluster Omega Cen Globular clusters in the Galaxy New dwarf galaxies by SDSS, image: V. Belokurov

Workshop description

This workshop was held August 27-29, 2007 on the University of Michigan campus. The goal of this workshop was to explore and emphasize fundamental connections in the formation and evolution of astronomical systems of similar stellar masses: globular clusters and dwarf galaxies. All talks were brief (15 minutes) with plenty of time set aside for discussion. Specific topics included:
- overview of current and planned surveys
- chemical evolution and element abundances in globular clusters and dwarf galaxies
- discoveries and follow-up studies of dwarf galaxies with SDSS, Magellan
- kinematics and mass profiles of dwarfs and globular clusters
- modeling of the formation and evolution of dwarfs and globular clusters.

Registration deadline: July 27, 2007

Travel support deadline: July 11, 2007

Workshop venue: West Hall, room 340, University of Michigan (Central campus map)

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Visitor information

Please follow this link for accommodation and visitor information in Ann Arbor.

Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW) is the closest major airport, located approximately 25 miles east of Ann Arbor. A convenient door-to-door airport shuttle is Custom Transit. You need to make an advance reservation on their website (round trip is $52).

A block of rooms is reserved at Microtel on North campus. This hotel is located 4 miles from town center but it has free shuttles to the workshop venue on Central campus (map and directions). When making reservations, please mention the "Globular Clusters - Dwarf Galaxies" workshop. Single room is $56/night, double room is $66/night. Here is a list of other hotels in Ann Arbor.

Public parking is available at the Forest Avenue Parking Structure. From the structure walk north to the corner with South University Avenue, turn left on South University Avenue, and then right on pedestrian walkway (East University) after Espresso Royale cafe. West Hall is on your left.

There was a reception on sunday August 26 from 6pm to 10pm in Kalamazoo Room of the Michigan League (map), and a conference dinner on wednesday August 29 from 6pm to 10pm at a local favorite sangria spot.

Participants (presentations are linked after names)

Javier Alonso (Michigan) [PPT]
Rebecca Bernstein (Michigan)
Gurtina Besla (CfA)   [PPT]
Mia Bovill (Maryland)   [PPT]
James Bullock (UC Irvine)   [PDF]
Janet Colucci (Michigan) [PDF]
Harry Ferguson (STScI)   [PPT]
Jay Gallagher (Wisconsin)   [PPT]
Marla Geha (HIA)   [PPT]
Iskren Georgiev (STScI)   [PDF]
Gerry Gilmore (Cambridge)   [PPT]
Nick Gnedin (Fermilab)   [PPT]
Oleg Gnedin (Michigan)
Matias Gomez (Concepcion)   [PPT]
Jana Grcevich (Michigan)   [PPT]
Eva Grebel (Heidelberg)   [PPT]
Raja Guhathakurta (UC Santa Cruz)   [PPT] [movie1] [movie2]
Kayhan Gultekin (Michigan)
Bill Harris (McMaster)
Gretchen Harris (Waterloo)
Chris Hayward (CfA)
Evan Kirby (UC Santa Cruz)   [PDF]
Sergey Koposov (Heidelberg)   [PDF]
Charles Kuehn (MSU)   [PPT]
Arunav Kundu (MSU)
Andrea Marcolini (Central Lancashire)   [PPT]
Nicolas Martin (Heidelberg)   [PDF]
Mario Mateo (Michigan)   [PPT]
Alan McConnahie (Victoria)   [PDF]
Stacy McGaugh (Maryland)   [PPT]
Ricardo Munoz (UVa)   [PPT]
Sally Oey (Michigan)
Chris Orban (OSU)   [PPT]
Eric Peng (HIA)   [PDF]
Jorge Penarrubia (Victoria)   [PPT]
Mary Putman (Michigan)
Thomas Puzia (HIA)   [PDF]
Brant Robertson (Chicago)   [PDF]
Barry Rothberg (STScI)   [PDF]
Josh Simon (Caltech)   [PPT]
Matt Steele (MSU)
Jay Strader (UC Santa Cruz)   [PPT]
Louie Strigari (UC Irvine)   [PPT]
Monica Valluri (Michigan)   [PPT] [movie]
Matt Walker (Michigan)   [PPT]
Jess Werk (Michigan)
Beth Willman (Harvard)   [PPT]
Joe Wolf (UC Irvine)
Rosie Wyse (JHU)   [PPT]
Steve Zepf (MSU)   [PPT]

Program is here

Gerry Gilmore's list of potential PhD thesis topics

Pictures from the workshop

Organizing Committee: Oleg Gnedin, Rebecca Bernstein, Mario Mateo, Sally Oey, Mary Putman