Mateusz Ruszkowski

associate professor of astronomy

University of Michigan in Ann Arbor

selected recent publications:

Ruszkowski, Bruggen, Lee, Shin 2014, ApJ, 784, 75

Impact of magnetic fields on ram pressure in disk galaxies

Yang, Ruszkowski, Zweibel 2013, MNRAS, 436, 2734

The Fermi Bubbles: gamma-ray, microwave, and polarization signatures of leptonic AGN jets

Gaspari, Ruszkowski, Oh 2013, MNRAS, 432, 340

Chaotic cold accretion onto black holes

Churazov, Ruszkowski, Schekochihin 2013, MNRAS, 436, 526

Powering of cool filaments in cluster cool cores by buoyant bubbles - I. Qualitative model

Yang, Ruszkowski, Ricker, Zweibel, Lee 2012, ApJ, 761, 185

The Fermi Bubbles: Supersonic AGN jets with Anisotropic Cosmic Ray Diffusion

ZuHone, Markevitch, Ruszkowski & Lee

2012, ApJ, in press

Cold Fronts and Gas Sloshing in Galaxy Clusters with Anisotropic Thermal Conduction

Gaspari, Ruszkowski & Sharma

2012, ApJ, 746, 94

Cause and Effect of Feedback: Multiphase Gas in Cluster Cores Heated by AGN Jets


3rd ICM Theory & Computation Workshop

Workshop dates: Aug 11-14, 2014

Supported by the Niels Bohr Institute and the Departments of Astronomy and Physics at the University of Michigan

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Einstein Fellowship

2nd ICM Theory & Computation

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workshop announcement

The Physics of the Intracluster Medium:

Theory & Computation

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