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Phone: (734) 764-3408
Department Phone: (734) 764-3440
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I am interested in understanding more about the physics of galaxy evolution. A few questions I'm currently thinking about are: Why do some galaxies grow through star formation, while others long ago ceased to form new stars? How frequently do galaxies interact with each other? What are the effects of these interactions? I will be exploring these issues using three flagship datasets: the PanSTARRS1 survey, and two multi-cycle HST programs to to study i) galaxy evolution from z=8 to z=1, and ii) the star formation history and IMF in M31. There are opportunities to work with me in my research group - please e-mail me for more information.

Research Interests

  • The recent discovery of Andromeda XXVIII and XXIX was covered by Gemini, Astronomy, Universe Today, and other sites.
  • Understanding the rate and effects of major galaxy mergers
  • Where do elliptical galaxies come from?
  • Observing the shredded remains of dwarf galaxies around our Milky Way
  • Large Sky Surveys
  • Stellar masses and star formation rates
  • More...


Below are the courses I've taught (or am teaching) at the University of Michigan (2010-present) and the University of Heidelberg (2007-2009).

  • ctools
  • Winter 2012: Astronomy 101 - The Solar System and the Search for Life Beyond Earth (introductory astronomy for non-science majors; co-taught with Ted Bergin)
  • Winter 2010, Winter 2011: Astronomy 102 - Stars, Galaxies and the Universe (introductory astronomy for non-science majors; W10 taught with Jon Miller; W11 taught with Elena Rasia)
  • Winter 2011, Fall 2011: Astronomy 106 - Aliens (following the format of exploring the Drake Equation; W11 was team-taught with Ted Bergin)
  • Fall 2011: Astronomy 429 - Senior Writing Seminar (team-teaching with Hugh Aller and Lee Hartmann)
  • Fall 2010, Fall 2012: Astronomy 533 - The Structure and Content of Galaxies (graduate galaxies class; F10 was team-taught with Monica Valluri)
  • Fall 2007, 2008: Observing the Big Bang, a course on observational cosmology for advanced undergraduates
  • Winter 2008, 2009: Galaxies, an introductory graduate course


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