Edwin (Ted) Bergin

Professor of Astronomy, UnderGrad. Chair


My research has focused on the molecular trail of our origins.  The material that comprises stars, planets, and life on Earth all began the journey as simple molecules.  How these molecules formed from atoms, marched towards greater complexity, and ultimately engendered the living world around us is the broad picture of my research.   I am a theorist who explores the basics of molecular formation and destruction and also an observer.   The observation facilities that I have used and will use include the Hubble Space Telescope, IRAM 30m/PdB, CSO, CARMA, NRAO GBT/VLA/ALMA, Spitzer Space Telescope.  Most recently I have been heavily involved in the guaranteed time and open time observations using the Herschel Space Observatory where I have been leading a key program focused on organics in space (HEXOS).

More information can be found on my research page.


Molecular Astronomy and our Origins

Image of the Herschel Space Observatory (Top Right), Spitzer Space Telescope (Top Left), and the Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA) on bottom.

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