Anne Jaskot


Anne Jaskot

Graduate Student

1026 Dennison
500 Church St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

I study the interstellar medium in external galaxies, with a focus on the relationship between high energy phenomena and neutral gas. My research includes energy budgets in superbubbles and neutral hydrogen in starburst galaxies.

Research Interests

  • The interstellar medium (ISM)
  • Supernovae and superbubbles
  • Neutral gas in starburst galaxies
  • Chemical evolution of the ISM


Williams College, 2008 - Bachelor of Arts in Astrophysics and Anthropology


Selected Publications

Observational Constraints on Superbubble X-ray Energy Budgets
A. E. Jaskot, D. K. Strickland, M. S. Oey, Y.-H. Chu, and G. García-Segura
Abundances of Galactic Anticenter Planetary Nebulae and the Oxygen Abundance Gradient in the Galactic Disk
R. B. C. Henry, K. B. Kwitter, A. E. Jaskot, B. Balick, M. A. Morrison, and J. B. Milingo
Changes in Pluto's Atmosphere: 1988-2006
J. L. Elliot, M. J. Person, A. A. S. Gulbis, S. P. Souza, E. R. Adams, B. A. Babcock, J. W. Gangestad, A. E. Jaskot, E. A. Kramer, J. M. Pasachoff, R. E. Pike, C. A. Zuluaga, A. S. Bosh, S. W. Dieters, P. J. Francis, A. B. Giles, J. G. Greenhill, B. Lade, R. Lucas, and D. J. Ramm
An Atlas of [N II] and [O III] Images and Spectra of Planetary Nebulae
A. R. Hajian, S. M. Movit, D. Trofimov, B. Balick, Y. Terzian, K. H. Knuth, D. Granquist-Fraser, K. A. Huyser, A. Jalobeanu, D. McIntosh, A. E. Jaskot, S. Palen, and N. Panagia
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