Alicia Aarnio

Blah blah blah. --me

Research Interests

  • Pre-main sequence stars
  • Star-disk interaction
  • Large scale magnetic field structures
  • Solar and stellar flares, coronal mass ejections
  • Stellar angular momentum evolution
  • Solar-stellar connection
  • Stellar kinematics: moving groups and associations


  • Smith College, BA, 2005
  • Vanderbilt University, PhD, 2010

Selected Publications

Mass Loss in Pre-Main Sequence Stars via Coronal Mass Ejections and Implications for Angular Momentum Loss
Aarnio, Matt, and Stassun; ApJ, 2012

Mechanical Equilibrium of Hot, Large-Scale Magnetic Loops on T Tauri Stars
Aarnio, Llama, Jardine, and Gregory; MNRAS, 2012

Solar Flares and Coronal Mass Ejections: A Statistically Determined Flare Flux-CME Mass Correlation
Aarnio, Stassun, Hughes, and McGregor; Solar Physics, 2011

A Search for Star-Disk Interaction among the Strongest X-ray Flaring Stars in the Orion Nebula Cluster
Aarnio, Stassun, and Matt; ApJ, 2010

T Tauri Angular Momentum Loss via Large Scale Eruptive Flaring Events
Aarnio, Stassun, and Matt; AIPC, 2009

Surprising dissimilarities in a newly formed pair of `identical twin' stars
Stassun, Mathieu, Cargile, Aarnio, Stempels, and Geller; Nature, 2008

A Survey for A Coeval, Comoving Group Associated with HD 141569
Aarnio, Weinberger, Stassun, Mamajek, and James; AJ, 2008

Presentations and Web Spots

RHESSI Science Nugget
My work in the solar-stellar connection over the past few years, in a nugget.

The Sun as a Star. (15Mb .pdf file)
Talk given for Saturday Morning Physics, 10 November, 2012